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PACE Learning Program

An individualized, one-on-one program that will
give your child lifelong learning tools


If you would like more information about becoming a provider, please fill out the form below:

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Building skills for learning performance

An opportunity to start a business and to help others succeed

If you are interested in starting a business and providing help to those with learning or reading problems, then you’re right where you should be. Continue below to learn about providing PACE.

  • If you or your child has a learning, attention or reading problem and would like to seek professional help, please click here and provide us with a zip code.
  • Or, if you want to know about our new, revolutionary, one-on-one sound-based reading program go to

Please Note: Unlike most business opportunities, we are NOT interested in enticing you to consider PACE with dreams of financial rewards! (They will come only when you have significantly helped others.)

We want you to first consider the product. After you have gathered and studied all the information you can about PACE – You should move on to something else – if you are not fully convinced that PACE:

  • provides its students the best learning help available;
  • provides the greatest value for the time, money, and effort spent to help a student with learning difficulties;
  • can benefit millions;
  • is devoted to helping students achieve the maximum results in the shortest time.

It is so much easier working when you know that you are providing the best help available.

With this in mind, this website will provide you with:

  1. A quick overview of mental skills training, how it makes learning and working easier and faster.
  2. A better understanding of:
    • How we determine the cause of slow, inaccurate, and frustrating learning.
    • How we correct these problems.
    • What results your students can expect (examine our before and after studies).
  3. A specialized tutoring small business or home-based business opportunity, either full or part-time, as part of a professional practice or a separate business.

But before looking at the business opportunity, you should know that PACE is about helping students who have trouble learning. And you should know what makes PACE so unique and special. Click here to read more…

For more information about providing Processing and Cognitive Enhancement (PACE), please call us at 1-719-955-6708. For information about local providers please call 1-719-264-8808.

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Processing and Cognitive Enhancement - PACE strengthens mental abilities — the skills and tools we need to learn or work faster, easier and better.