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Many learning problems affecting a person’s performance in school or work reflect, to some degree, a lack of cognitive skills; the skills needed to process information. Without these skills, learning is incredibly difficult. What causes this lack of skills is debated, but our results show that by improving these skills, remarkable improvements of performance are possible.
A major difference in school or work success is the tools one has to work with. Consider the difference in performance between a…


typewriter VS laptop2

The same impact on the ease and speed of learning can be achieved when the mental skills are developed or enhanced.


PACE Is at the Forefront of Applying Current Research to Learning

Traditional help for individuals with learning struggles has typically focused on one of four methods:

  • sensory therapy (vision, auditory)
  • motor therapy (speech, occupational)
  • psychotherapy (motivation)
  • academic remediation (remedial reading, learning disabled programs, tutoring)

Although these methods may be effective in correcting a sensory, motor, or very specific academic problem, they have had limited results in significantly improving learning performance.
In the last few years, great strides have been made by researchers to expand our understanding of how the brain works. This has allowed for the creation of better learning models and remedial strategies to help those who have difficulty learning. Today, PACE is at the forefront of using this knowledge to make significant improvements in learning skills. PACE is a training program that affects and modifies mental skills, or what we generally refer to as intelligence.

PACE Improves Mental Skills

PACE is a method of improving one’s ability to process and use sensory information to function well in everyday life. It is scientifically based and asserts that training procedures can change and improve the mind and its mental structure by retraining mental skills and processes.
These skills are retrained through a series of tasks that are designed to meet specific goals. The tasks are related, make repetitive demands on a deficient skill, and progressively increase in difficulty. This is a process-specific approach to training (as opposed to a general stimulation approach).

Studies Show that Mental Skills Are Modifiable

PACE works to modify mental skills, and there are numerous studies that show this modification is possible. To review just a sample of these studies supporting the fact that a wide range of mental skills can be – and have been – improved click here.
Under studies we include the study results of the PACE program to date. The results not only show tremendous changes in processing skills (a 3.6 year improvement in 10 weeks), but also a significant transfer to higher mental skills (logic & reasoning – a 23-point gain in IQ).

PACE Training Sessions Are Intense

PACE is a one-on-one program that is fast-paced and intense. The trainers provide constant feedback as the student progresses through sequenced levels.
Each procedure is graded according to difficulty and tasks become progressively more complex. Pace is regulated by mastery, so the number of tasks completed during training differs from student to student. In other words, once the student passes a task, he or she is then allowed to progress to the next challenge (and more difficult task).

College Graduates – PACE can be a part or full-time opportunity in starting a tutoring business.

Health or Mental Healthcare Professionals – PACE can be an additional component of your practice.

For more information about providing PACE, please call us at 1-719-955-6708. For information about local providers please call 719-264-8808.

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PACE strengthens mental abilities — the skills and tools we need to learn or work faster, easier and better.