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PACE Learning Program

An individualized, one-on-one program that will
give your child lifelong learning tools

Health or Mental Healthcare Professionals

Pediatricians, Psychologists, Optometrists, Audiologists, and other Health and Mental Health Professionals:

PACE can provide a needed service for your patients, increase your gross and net income, and create a niche that sets you apart.

A quick 5 point overview of how the PACE program can fit within your practice:

If your practice encompasses either children, mental health, sensory or motor or processing performance, please consider the following reason to add PACE to your practice.

1. PACE Get Big, Fast, and Visible Changes in Mental Skills

PACE is devoted to making measurable changes in a patient’s performance over a short period of time. After only 12 weeks, pre- and post-tests reveal an average:

  • 4.6-year improvement in concentration
  • 23-point increase in IQ
  • 4+-year gain in reading level
  • 4.3-year improvement in visual memory
  • 3.5-year increase in visualization and comprehension
  • 87 percent “cure” rate of reversal problems
  • 15 percentile increase on the Self Esteem Index

These are significant changes that will help your patients realize their full potential. For more study data see our latest Results.

2. PACE Sets You Apart

PACE creates a niche with great possibilities. You’ll provide a unique service that many need, but few offer. This will distinguish your practice from others and will also make it easy for you to promote PACE free. Newspapers and television stations are always looking for an interesting story. Students and others provide fabulous, free, word-of-mouth marketing. To read parent comments received by one doctor in a three month span see Testimonials.

3. PACE “Has It All” — Multiple Visits, Large Case Sizes, and Staff Production

Some health care professionals seem to have an advantage over others concerning income: surgeons have large case sizes, dentists delegate to hygienists income producing activities and other professionals have multiple visits. But, you will “have it all” with the PACE program.

Multiple Visits: Thirty six therapy sessions and two testing appointments.
Large Case Sizes: Fees per PACE case range from $2,200 to $5,000.

4. We Supply the Needed PACE Training and Materials

To start the PACE program, you first need to attend one of our comprehensive training sessions to learn how to implement and administer the program. In addition to the training, we provide you with numerous materials including:

  • About 90 percent of the equipment you will need for training.
  • Our administrative manuals covering running a successful practice.
  • Our procedural manuals covering screening, training, computer, consulting, and quality control.
  • A DVD explaining the program to parents and students.
  • Scripts for talking with students and parents.
  • A website that generates PACE reports at the touch of a key.
  • 2,000 to 3,000 hours per year of continued program improvement, support, and development.

There Are No Franchise Fees

We license our program to you. A small start-up fee is required for the cost of the materials and training. After starting the program, our fee is generated by the PACE program fee paid by the patients.

This fee supports the continual research and development that keeps PACE updated with the latest improvements in the field, and maintains your status as one who offers a superior service.

And, you can terminate our agreement at any time for any reason. This is extremely fair and involves very little risk for you.


If you are interested in being a PACE licensed trainer in your community, we would be pleased to send you additional information, a copy of our licensing agreement and a DVD which explains and demonstrates the PACE training program. Please e-mail or call us at 1-(800) 535-5441.

In Summary

A successful training program requires: great results, organization, training, and value. With PACE, we provide you that and more!

Think of the ways PACE could benefit your patients and you. Wouldn’t you like to seize the opportunity to have a program such as this?

Call 1-800-535-5441 or e-mail us now to discuss any questions or comments, or to sign up for the next training session.

For more information about providing Processing and Cognitive Enhancement (PACE), please call us at 1-719-955-6708. For information about local providers please call 719-264-8808.

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Processing and Cognitive Enhancement - PACE strengthens mental abilities — the skills and tools we need to learn or work faster, easier and better.