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Brief Abstract of Other Studies

PACE Training Program has contributed a lot in increasing brain’s processing abilities. For the first time in educational history, a complete program had been developed by PACE Trainer that would do for mental abilities.

PACE Training program is now distributed worldwide by licensed therapists and educators and is available for both adults and children.

There are many studies already done where we can see the learning improvements due to PACE Training Program. Here are some of the abstract from other studies:

  • Using a program aimed at developing reasoning and figural classification skills, Jacobs showed a measurable improvement in these skills, a better retention rate, and a transfer of skills to related tasks.
  • Meichenbaum was able to improve mental performance in a variety of therapeutic situations. This is done by modifying the inner speech patterns of children and adults, which shows that learning and memory skills can be trained.
  • Blank revealed IQ gains of 14.5 points in a one-on-one program that lasted 75 minutes per week over several months. The IQ gains dropped to only seven points when the amount of training was reduced to 45 minutes per week.
  • Bloom and Broder, using an individualized problem-solving training program, obtained significant gains in grades if there were more than seven sessions.
  • Lindamood reported individual reading gains averaged 2.4 years in a four-month period for eighth and ninth graders who received auditory-conceptual training.
  • Greenspan showed a significant improvement in directionality and a reduction of reversal errors after using perceptual-motor training.
  • Impressive training results have also been documented by Feuerstein, Holzman, and Trabasso for reasoning; Belmont, Brown, and Wanschura for memory; Klahr and Siegler for problem solving; Farr, Hendrickson, Walsh, Brown, Getz, Halliwell, Rowell, and Rosner for visual processing; and Peters, Rose, Yates, Varner, and Turner for auditory processing.

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