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PACE Learning Program

An individualized, one-on-one program that will
give your child lifelong learning tools

Process-Specific Training

A process-specific approach targets the same function systematically and repetitively with related tasks.

This challenging repetition is very important because it can cause an improvement in higher mental skills, such as problem solving. Repetition develops an underlying mental skill, which creates a stronger foundation for the higher mental skill that relies on that underlying skill. Therefore, the repeated targeting of mental skills allows and guides improvement in higher mental skills.

The process-specific approach of PACE and LearningRx uses planned, repetitive exercises that place demands on deficient mental functions. When the student masters the exercise, a more demanding exercise that targets the same mental skill is available to continue the training. Then, higher mental skills will be affected, and the final goal of a better living or work status can be reached.

What causes this lack of skills is debated, but our results show that by improving these skills, remarkable improvements of performance are possible through PACE Training.

For more information about providing Processing and Cognitive Enhancement (PACE), please call us at 1-719-955-6708. For information about local providers please call 719-264-8808.

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Processing and Cognitive Enhancement - PACE strengthens mental abilities — the skills and tools we need to learn or work faster, easier and better.