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Achievement and IQ Test Scores

Interpreting Achievement and IQ Test Scores

Sample Student:
Student: John Doe
Grade: 5th
History: low grades, reading problem
Achievement Test: Grade 2.5 (2.5 years behind)
IQ Test Score: 100 (average)
Memory subtest: 100
Visual processing subtest: 130
Auditory processing subtest: 70

The school will define this child as being LD (learning disabled). His achievement tests are significantly lower (more than two years) than his intelligent tests (average). It is thought that he is not working up to his potential, but that the skills required for average academic performance are present. Therefore the school will provide him with remedial academic help.

PACE and LearningRx have the same basic procedures for training and reading.

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Here’s the problem with the above interpretation:

Claiming that this child’s potential is average is misleading. IQ tests do not indicate the child’s potential. They measure the present level of underlying mental skills, which allow us to predict a student’s performance.

Claiming that he has the skills required for average academic performance is wrong. The low auditory processing subtest shows that he does not have adequate skills for reading and spelling.

Cause and Effect relationship

Providing remedial academic help is not what is needed. If you want to In determine the help required, look for the causes, not the symptoms. You won’t find causes by looking at averages. The IQ-subtest shows a cause and effect relationship. His low auditory processing skills are causing the reading problem, which affects his academic achievement. For effective learning, this child needs auditory processing training, not remedial reading.

If his IQ test score were 94, he would not get extra help in school because he would be considered to be “working up to his potential.” Then why not increase his potential by building his underlying skills? Most schools will not do it because of the cost – effective mental skill training must be done one-on-one.

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