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Posted by on Jan 29, 2014

Parents’ and Students’

Richard C.

I see marked improvement in his ability to create mental images from printed information. He seems to retain more of what he reads now, and he reads much more smoothly than before. His mother and I feel that he thinks more highly of himself because of personal improvements attributable to his own efforts. He knows that “he made it happen.” We know that the program enabled him to see his own progress.

Barbara and Dennis W.

Michelle is eager to learn. I don’t see Michelle telling me, “I can’t do it.” She is looking for more challenging things to do. Well worth the time and money. I would do it again with my other children.

Pam B.

I think the program was very good! Amanda doesn’t get as frustrated as she used to during reading, understands more, uses her hands and eyes together, and reacts faster to words and pictures. I’m glad the program was available.

Donald G.

Mike’s attitude has changed drastically for the better. He works with more detail. I believe Mike has definitely benefited from your program! He has more positive outlook and more confidence in himself. He spends more time reading and is able to finish his school work at school.


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PACE strengthens mental abilities — the skills and tools we need to learn or work faster, easier and better.